Conference report by our interns: Academics Facing Autocracy: Alternative Modalities and Transnational Resilience in Higher Education

Upcoming workshop in Budapest – March 20,2023

The fellows are asked to present in no more than 15 mins their experience with authoritatian or autocratic threat and the alternative education that emerged, concentrating on:

  • the political context,
  • the institutional setting of your alternativ eeducation,
  • its transnational connections
  • and its pedagogical innovation.


1st Session


  • Alex Voronovici – former instructor at Moscow Higher School of Economics
  • Almira Ousmanova – professor of European Humanities University in Vilnius (university in exile from Belarus)
  • Nurzhamal Karamoldoeva -professor of the American University of Central Asia

Discussant: Nikita Bogachev

2nd Session:
  • Anna Gaal – Free SZFE Budapest
  • Lourdes Peroni – Perú
  • Noémi Levy-Aksu – organizer of solidarity academies in Turkey
  • Thiago Amparo – Brazil

February meeting

The fellows’ first meeting took place on February 23 where right after a round of introductions, the team set out to establish a framework within which to study the various cases they know of academics resisting authoritarian regimes’ attacks on education by creating alternative ways for it. The program’s fellows have first-hand experiences with such cases and are committed to share their knowledge and help victims of similar attacks by participating in a new initiative to examine how can models be applied in different contexts and thus functional practices transferred transnationally.