Democracy in History will complement and enrich the work of the other groups of the Democracy Institute by creating a broad historical perspective and opening up the research field toward the humanities.  It seeks to focus both on the emergence of democracy as a sociocultural practice and as an ideational framework. Thus, it will engage both with the long-term roots of democratic patterns in pre-modern societies (from political philosophies of classical antiquity and political theology of medieval universities to the medieval communes and early modern noble republicanism) and their modern and contemporary manifestations and legacies (such as debates on the relationship of democracy to constitutionalism, liberalism, or republicanism). 

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Memory Politics and Democracy: Remembering Civil Wars in Austria, Spain and Greece

The History as Democracy? event series was launched on October 28, 2021 at the CEU campus in Budapest wth the roundtable titled "Memory Politics and Democracy: Remembering Civil Wars in Austria, Spain, and Greece". Roundtable participants were Julian Casanova (University of Zaragoza, Spain; CEU, Vienna), Kostis Karpzilos (Contemporary Social History Archives (ASKI), Athens) and Florian Wenniger (Institute for Historical Social Research (IHSF), Vienna), while the moderator was Elisabeth Luif (CEU).

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Mapping Crisis: Project Workshops

A series of online workshops organized as a part of the Mapping Crisis project, where members present the initial findings of their research.

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Historians and Transitional Justice - Conversation with Vladimir Petrović

The second event of the History as Democracy? project was held online, and moderated by PhD candidate Marko Milošev on 13 December, 2021.

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Lecture series: Urban Governance and Civic Participation in Words and Stone in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period

In this series, twelve renowned experts addressed the issue of urban governance in a broader framework beyond Central Europe. Topics discussed included the general question of citizenship; the development of urbanism in the Mediterranean after the fall of the Roman Empire; the Italian communes, and many more, extending to the Ottoman Empire and Southeast Asia.

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